On Friday 11 October
Analía Vega & Marcelo Varela
teach the  Intermediate class:
"Ochos for Tango Salon"

We are delighted to welcome Analía & Marcelo for their second visit to Carablanca this year.  They teach tango at the “Escuela Argentina de Tango” in Buenos Aires, present their dance in the most prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires and give workshops the world over.

Both Analía & Marcelo have danced since childhood, when they learned folklore.  Partners in dance and in life for a dozen years, they have strong personalities and have developed their own tango style.

The DJ is Kirsty Bennett

Kirsty organises and DJs at her own events in Brighton.  She is also guest DJs in the UK and abroad.  This is her first visit to Carablanca as DJ.


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