Live Dance Music and Concert Set by the
Alejandro Ziegler Quartet

Founded as recently as 2007, the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet from Buenos Aires is already considered one of the most important ensembles of today's tango scene.  Their current tour of Europe covers 14 countries.  This night at Carablanca is their London debut and their only performance in London.

They play tango music in styles of golden age orchestras, such as Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Troilo and Pugliese as well as more modern tango in original arrangements.  Here are three performances from YouTube.  The sound reproduction is wanting in the last two, but ignore that and listen to the quality of the music:
 Danzarin, Organito de la tarde, Tanguera.

The sound of the
Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano


We have again hired Conway Hall's prize possession, the Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano.  These pianos are noted for their dark, full-bodied sound.


This is an unusual evening as the quartet will play a concert set.  This is not unusual on the continent but we have done this only once before.  If, after checking the acoustic, the quartet is comfortable with so doing then the concert set will be played without amplification.  This will give the purest sound.  In any event, if amplification is used for the concert set it will be low.  The concert set will be for listening only.  You may wish to sit upstairs in the balcony.
[The concert set was played without amplification, with excellent results.]


Conway Hall was designed as a concert hall, so we have an acoustic for good quality sound.  We are hiring the grand piano, using Conway Hall's sound system and engaging a dedicated sound engineer with the highest quality microphones to ensure the sound quality is the best.


Dancing: 8.30pm to 2am

Live music:
Dance set:  9.30pm for 40 minutes
Concert set:  11pm for 30 minutes
Dance set:  12.30am for 40 minutes

DJ: Swaley Baijoo

Note that there are no classes on this date

Entry: £18
Entry after the concert set: £12
Entry for non-dancers: £6
Bar special: Americano (Campari and red Martini)
Bar snacks:  Cheese rolls (soft poppy seed roll, Davidstow cheddar, little gem lettuce)

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