On Friday 13 July
El Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan
teach the Intermediate class:
 "Milonga – composition of the dance"
Performance at 10:45pm

El Flaco Dany is 76 years old but quicker on his feet than most people who will read this.  From Buenos Aires, he has been dancing for 60 years.

Dany has been teaching tango and his speciality, milonga con traspié, for 20 years.  He and his partner, Lucia Mirzan, have complementary teaching styles.

To whet your appetite for the performance, here are Dany & Lucia dancing with Dany so relaxed he has time to scratch his nose at 1 min 25 sec.  Thanks to Chris Jordan for identifying the music as: Repique del corazón, played by Edgardo Donato's orchestra with singers Romeo Gavioli and Horacio Lagos, 1941.

[ Videos of their performance:
Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan @ Carablanca, London July 2012 1/3
Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan @ Carablanca, London July 2012 2/3 ]

The DJ is KG Lim


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