Friday 14 October
DJ from Florence: Theo Chatzipetros
Extended Evening
Dancing from 8pm to 2am

[Photo of Theo]

We welcome Theo "El Greco" Chatzipetros to DJ for the second time at Carablanca, this time for an extended evening.  Originally from Greece, he has long lived in Italy.  Highly experienced, he is in great demand to DJ in encuentros, festivals, marathons and milongas throughout Europe.  I include an extract from his CV and recommend you follow the link to read all of it.

"My evenings offer traditional music with tandas and cortinas, from the period between the late twenties to the late fifties.  The aim is to create a rhythmic wave for dancers to enjoy, ranging from orchestras, singers, rhythm and period of recording dates.  I pay particular attention to what is happening on the dance floor, and adapt the musical selection according to its mood."

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