On Friday 15 February
El Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan
teach the Intermediate class:
 "Milonga – decorations for leaders and followers"
Performance at 10:45pm

El Flaco Dany and Lucia Mirzan made a huge impact last year on their first visit to London.  Dany is 76 years old but quicker on his feet than most people who will read this.  From Buenos Aires, he has been dancing for 60 years.

Dany has been teaching tango and his speciality, milonga con traspié, for 20 years.  He and his partner, Lucia Mirzan, have complementary teaching styles.

Here is a video from their performance at Carablanca last year:
Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan @ Carablanca, London July 2012 2/3.

The DJ is El Vinatero

El Vinatero is shown here in the DJ booth at Porteño y Bailarin milonga in Buenos Aires, where he was the DJ at Dany's despedida for his trip to Europe.  It's a pleasing symmetry to have him DJ at Carablanca on the night when Dany and Lucia teach and perform.


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