Friday 15 September
DJ from Sweden: Per Berséus
Extended Evening
Dancing from 8pm to 2am

[Photo of Per]

We are delighted to welcome Per Berséus from Sweden to DJ at Carablanca for the first time.

Per writes: "As a DJ, I want every moment of the milonga to be a joy for both dancing and listening.  With a background as a classical trumpet player, I was immediately captured by the music of tango when I started dancing in 2003, and I'm still deeply touched by the refined musicality of many of the golden era recordings.  In order to serve the varying needs and preferences among dancers, I aim for variation in tempo, complexity and style.  For influencing the general energy level and mood of the milonga, I find that cortinas are just as important of a tool as the tango music itself."

As this evening is part of the London Tango Long Weekend we expect to welcome many dancers from abroad.  We plan to accommodate the increased number of dancers as follows.  The evening will start with our normal layout.  However, no tables can be reserved.  If at some time during the evening the dance floor becomes too crowded we will remove tables 1-8 to increase the size of the dance floor.

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