Friday 16 May
Class and Performance: Adrian & Amanda Costa
DJ from Warwick: Ricardo Peixoto


Adrian & Amanda Costa
teach the Intermediate class:
Performance at 10:45pm

Photo by GwenaŽl Geneau

We warmly welcome Adrian & Amanda back to Carablanca.  Villa Urquiza dancers, their teaching concentrates on fundamentals, simplicity and musicality.  The ronda is always better when they have taught the class.

They perform at 10:45pm. 

Here is a fascinating video from Adrian & Amanda's web site, taken from an unusual angle, of them dancing to Pugliese: Chique

DJ from Warwick: Ricardo Peixoto

Ricardo has 8 years experience as a DJ.  His style is traditional in both music and format (within which he favours tandas of 4 for vals and milonga.)  Ricardo is DJing at Carablanca for the first time.

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