On Friday 17 June
Pablo Nievas & Valeria Zunino
teach the Intermediate class titled:
“Giros with sacadas and arrastres”
Performance at 10:45pm

Pablo and Valeria have visited London many times but this is their first visit to Carablanca.

As well as giving a title for the class, Pablo and Valeria have provided the following description:
"How to lead and follow a proper giro to find the exact moment to do some sacadas and arrastres smoothly and naturally on the dance floor.  Ladies: You will learn the secrets of being a great follower and will find yourselves doing beautiful decorations while you are dancing.  Men: Learn how to lead softly but firmly with the musicality of the Argentinean dancers."

Pablo and Valeria perform with energy and sometimes amazing speed.  This video contains two tangos and a milonga.

The DJ is Swaley Baijoo


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