On Friday 17 May
John Erban & Clarissa Snchez
teach the Intermediate class titled:
Playing with Ochos
Performance at 10:45pm

We are delighted to welcome John & Clarissa back to Carablanca following their first visit last year.  Based in Venezuela, they teach and perform tango worldwide.  In 2011 they obtained second place in the World Tango Championship in Tango Salon and also the award of Best Foreign Couple.

The full title of their class is: "Playing with Ochos. Understanding the leading/reception, density, dynamics and fluidity of the movements."

For an example of their accomplished and precise salon style, see this video of them dancing to di Sarli:
Junto a tu Corazn.

The DJ is Njl Bendixen

The photo shows DJs at a festival in Hamburg.  Njl is the man with the hat.  After living in Buenos Aires, Njl and his wife Cidinha moved to the UK and founded Luna y Molino tango.

Using a high level of improvisation, Njl chooses the music by assessing the mood of the milonga and reading the dance floor.  He structures the music to generate waves of energy with mainly smooth transitions and a climax at the end of the milonga.


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