On Friday 18 November Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba
teach the Intermediate class titled:
"Walks, Embrace, Musicality and Paradas with decorations."
Performance at 10:45pm

Diego and Graciela, both from Buenos Aires, have been dancing together for over 10 years.  They teach Salon tango in Buenos Aires and have performed in that city's major milongas.  They are in the UK as part of their first tour of Europe and Asia.   See them dance to D'Arienzo at Sunderland Club in Buenos Aires: Que Importa.

The DJ is El Vinatero

El Vinatero regularly DJs in Buenos Aires.  The picture was taken at Sunderland milonga.  El Vinatero is on the right of the picture and his DJ mentor Mario Orlando, the Sunderland DJ is on the left.  He has worked throughout Europe in many milongas in Italy, France and Spain.  This summer he was invited to DJ for the international tango festival in Cremona, Italy.  This is the third time he will DJ at Carablanca.


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