On Friday 19 April
Antonio Martinez & Francesca Bertelli
teach the Intermediate class:
"Milonga can be fun!"

We are delighted to welcome back Antonio Martinez and Francesca Bertelli.  Antonio is a milonguero from Buenos Aires.  He and his partner Francesca are based in Tuscany where they "teach a tango that, although respectful of the milonguero tradition, incorporates innovative concepts giving both leader and follower a central role in the dance. Posture, walking, connection in the embrace and musicality are the pillars of their teaching."

Here is a fuller description of their class.  "Milonga can be fun! - How to use traspiť to enrich our dancing.  Mixing traspiť and lisa to make dancing milonga new and fun.  Using specific examples, we will give you some new elements and ideas on where and how to introduce these changes of speed to your movements."

See a video of Antonio and Francesca dancing at Carablanca: Hotel Victoria.

The DJ is Antonio Martinez


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