On Friday 19 August
Osky Casas & Ariane Liautaud teach the Intermediate class:
"change of direction/stops/rhythm"
Performance at 10:45pm

Osky Casas, from Buenos Aires, represents the third generation of the Casas tango family. He teaches tango at 'El Beso' in Buenos Aires. He is already well-known in London following his visit last year when he taught at numerous venues. Ariane Liautaud is a tango dancer and teacher based in Paris. She is also trained in ballet. The performance will be Osky and Ariane's first in London.

The DJ is Antonio Martinez

Antonio is a milonguero from Buenos Aires.  I have never heard him DJ, but am looking forward to hearing him do so.  Having seen him dance I have high expectations of his music.  (With his partner Francesca Bertelli, he will teach and perform next week at Carablanca.)


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