Special evening on Friday 1 July
Class by Monica and Omar, los Ocampo
DJ from Rosario, "La Rubia"


Monica and Omar, los Ocampo
teach the second of a set of two Intermediate classes.
This class is on vals.

Monica and Omar, los Ocampo

Photo by Jill Barrett

The DJ is "La Rubia"

Rubia was DJ at Carablanca for the first time in September last year, as seen in the photo.  Her music was a great success and we are delighted to welcome her back on her current DJ tour of Europe.

Rubia is from Argentina's second tango capital, the port city of Rosario. She founded two milongas there, which have become an integral part of Rosario's tango scene.

From 2004 she has concentrated entirely on her work as a tango DJ. Her DJing is traditional, with tandas and cortinas.

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