Conway Hall

We have moved from the London Welsh Centre to Conway Hall for June, July and August.  Conway Hall is a great venue.  Its location is central, close to the London Welsh Centre.  The main hall has a large wooden floor and is air conditioned.  As a bonus, our booking runs till midnight so we can have a longer dance evening.

We have 8 Fridays at Conway Hall, which is the majority of Fridays in the three months we are there.  Our Summer Programme gives details.


Richard Manuel & Pauline Reibell

On Friday 20 June Richard & Pauline will teach the Intermediate class.

Performance at 10:30pm.

Tango - The Argentino Way

'Tango - The Argentino Way' is London's oldest tango club.  The friendly, informal atmosphere ensures that beginners and visitors mix easily with the regular dancers.

Music is traditional Argentine tango, played by guest DJs.  Occasionally there is live music.

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square WC1R 4RL
Class 8
Dancing 8
Class and dancing 10
(Prices increase by 2 when there is a performance)
Intermediate class 7:30-8:30pm
Dancing 8:30-11:45pm
While we are at Conway Hall we are unable to continue the Beginners' and Recent Beginners' classes.  These will resume when we reopen at the London Welsh Centre on Friday 5 September.

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