Special evening on Friday 20 July
Class by Maral Kojayan & Mariano Laplume
DJ from Rosario, "La Rubia"


Maral Kojayan & Mariano Laplume
teach the  Intermediate class:
"Turns for the dance floor and musical application in Tango and Vals"

Maral & Mariano bring complementary strengths in dance and music to their teaching, which are reflected in the title of their class.  Maral started dancing at a very early age (in 1984), covering a wide variety of dance including contemporary, ballet, tap and Armenian dance before tango drew her to live in Buenos Aires.  Mariano was a cofounder of, and violinist in, Sexteto Milonguero and danced tango in parallel with his career as a musician.  See also Facebook.

The DJ is "La Rubia"

Rubia is from Argentina's second tango capital, the port city of Rosario. She founded two milongas there, which have become an integral part of Rosario's tango scene.  From 2004 she has concentrated entirely on her work as a tango DJ. Her DJing is traditional, with tandas and cortinas.

We are fortunate to have Rubia as DJ both this week and next as this visit to London is not part of her European 2012 tour.

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