Friday 20 June
7:30pm - Film: Legends of the Tango dance
9pm - Milonga with DJ Alberto Ortiz


7:30pm - Film: Legends of the Tango Dance

This film, with subtitles in English, tells the stories of tango legends in their own words.  They talk and they dance; and they do so in places used for tango.  The film was shown in New York on 6 June.  This will be the first showing in the UK and we are grateful to The Argentine Tango Society in New York for giving us the opportunity to show it.

Featuring: Mayoral y Elsa Maria • "Chino" Perico • Nito y Elba Garcia •
Facundo Posadas y Ching-Ping • Hector Chidichimo • Coca y Osvaldo Cartery •
Raul Bravo • "Flaco" Dany • Carlos y Rosa Perez • Martha y Manolo •
Gloria y Eduardo • Carlos y Maria Rivarola • Tete Rusconi y Silvia Ceriani

Film Locations: El Marabϊ • Gricel • La Calesita • Porteρo y Bailarin •
Club Sunderland • La Viruta • Cafι Tortoni • Las Violetas • El Tacuari •
Los Laureles • Bar Las 5 Rosas

Producer: The Argentine Tango Society
Directors: Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi

Running time: 1 hour 12 minutes.

9pm - Milonga with DJ Alberto Ortiz

Alberto (Beto) Ortiz is an Argentinian who has lived in London for the last four years. After starting as the DJ at his own Tea Dance, Beto became so popular that he is now invited regularly to DJ at the best milongas in London, including Corrientes Social Club, Carablanca Tango Club, Tango Etnia … Beto is a traditional DJ who selects the best tangos of the golden age of the tango and arranges them in tandas with cortinas.

Please note the times and prices for this evening


Film: 7:30pm - 8:45
Dancing: 9pm - midnight


Film: £5
Dancing: £10
Film & dancing: £12

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