On Friday 20 May Angela Ruth Manonellas & Andreas Erbsen
teach the Intermediate class titled:
"Dissociated turns with variations in dynamics and timing"
Performance at 10:45pm

Ruth and Andreas dance classic Tango de Salón. They live in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, and are owners of the milonga and tango school El Tacuari.  We are delighted to have them teach and perform at Carablanca on this, their first visit to London.  See them dance to A los Amigos.

The DJ is El Vinatero

The picture was taken at Sunderland milonga in Buenos Aires.  El Vinatero is on the right of the picture and his DJ mentor Mario Orlando, the Sunderland DJ is on the left.  Despite the name, El Vinatero comes from the north of England---his nickname separates his tango life from his work life.  He has the rare distinction for an Englishman of DJing in Buenos Aires.  This year he was invited to DJ for the 10th anniversary of the milonga Porteño y Bailarin in Buenos Aires.


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