Friday 20 September
Class and Performance by Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba
DJ from Brisbane: Fi Gosali


Diego & Graciela teach the Intermediate class:
"Various types of barridas"

Performance at 10:45pm

We are delighted to welcome back Diego & Graciela, who teach the first of two classes.  Diego and Graciela have been dancing together for over 10 years.  They dance salon tango.  Based in Buenos Aires, where they teach and perform, they have also toured Europe and Asia.  See them dance to D'Arienzo at Sunderland Club in Buenos Aires: Que Importa.

DJ from Brisbane: Fi Gosali

We are delighted to welcome Fi Gosali to Carablanca for the first time.  Originally from Indonesia, she is now based in Brisbane.  For the last several years she has been immersed in tango music.  She plays traditional music in tandas with cortinas.  She has playlists but relies less on them now, constructing tandas on the fly.  She has a flexible approach to DJing, watching the floor, walking the room to listen.  On this visit to London she will DJ only at Carablanca.

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