Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne


Friday 21 December
Gustavo &
The London Welsh Centre
157 Grays Inn Road WC1X 8UE
Class 10
Dancing and exhibition 10
Class, dancing
and exhibition
Intermediate class 7:30-9pm
Exhibition 10:30pm
Dancing 9-11:30pm
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Publicity leaflet for 21 Dec 07

Class.  The Intermediate class at 7:30pm is, as usual, open to all.  There is no booking and you don't need a partner.  At the end of the class Gustavo & Giselle will demonstrate what has been taught and you may video this.  However, you may not video the class itself.

Exhibition.  You may video the exhibition but you may not take flash photos.

Times.  Please note that the class is extended by half an hour to 9pm and that the whole evening is also extended by half an hour to 11:30pm.  The bar will be open till midnight.


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