Friday 21 February
Class: Miriam Orcutt and Dante Culcuy
DJ from Cambridge: John Connatty


Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy
teach the Intermediate class at 7:30pm:
"Musicality in double-time for giros"

Miriam & Dante teach and perform tango in Buenos Aires and Europe.  With tango schools in Oxford and York, they teach widely in the UK.  It is nearly two years since we were last able to invite them to teach at Carablanca and we warmly welcome them back.  Miriam & Dante teach "traditional Tango Argentino, based on ... elegance, posture, presence, connection and musicality."

DJ from Cambridge: John Connatty

John has been running Cam Tango in Cambridge and DJing for many years.  His music is traditional, in tandas with cortinas and mostly Golden Age.  This is his first time DJing at Carablanca.

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