Friday 21 June
DJ from USA: Beth Anne Osborn
Special Evening - No Intermediate class
Dancing from 8pm to midnight

This is a rare opportunity to dance to the music of a tango DJ from the USA.  Beth Anne (nickname Beth Animal) DJs in milongas and festivals in the USA.

She says: "My DJing style can be characterized as high energy and pro-active.  I do my very best to provide the greatest possible dancing experience for all of the dancers from beginning to end.  I never dance while I DJ and I do not lose control of the dance floor.  I mix the music as I go and let the dancers spirit and energy inspire me."

Beth Anne's DJing will use traditional music, with tandas and cortinas.

On this occasion we have restructured the evening so that we have 4 continuous hours of Beth Anne's music.  There is no Intermediate class, enabling the milonga to start at 8pm.


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