Friday 21 March
DJ duo Age & SebastiŠn
Extended Evening
No Intermediate class
Dancing from 8pm to 2am

Entry £12
(£10 after midnight)

 SebastiŠn Coli Bazzini (Argentina) & Age Akkerman (Netherlands)

Age & SebastiŠn's first visit to Carablanca last year was a great success and we are delighted to have them back for an extended evening.

They are truly a DJ duo in that they DJ together rather than in sequence. They have the same music and decide together the choices of music depending on the state of the dance floor and mood of the milonga. The only constraint is that, to avoid deadlock, each has a veto.

Age has researched in depth the correct speed of many songs, so you may hear some familiar music retuned to its original tempo and pitch. As before, they will use a projector to show information about the music being played.

For more information about their DJing, read the About section of their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tangodjduo. For even more, see their web site: http://tangodjduo.nl/

On this visit to London Age & SebastiŠn will DJ only at Carablanca.


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