Extended Evening

 Friday 22 May

Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera
Performance at 11:30pm

DJ: Janice Wang
Dancing from 8pm to 2am

Entry £12
(£10 after midnight, free coffee/tea/biscuits from midnight)

Pablo and Corina are one of the most highly regarded professional tango couples, frequently travelling to international festivals. We are delighted to welcome them for the first time to Carablanca.

Their dance captures the knowledge and understanding of old milongueros, blending it with smooth dynamics and excellent musicality.  The following videos show their wide range.

Frostbite Tango Festival (Helsinki): Tanturi/Campos - Una Emoción
Milonga del Moran (Buenos Aires): D'Arienzo/Maure - Infamia

DJ from Oxford: Janice Wang

Janice DJed for 3 years at the MIT tango club in Boston.  She has also travelled as a DJ in North America, DJing in Vancouver and Seattle.  She constructs tandas on the fly, choosing music to suit the mood of dancers in the milonga at the time.  We welcome her for first time as DJ at Carablanca.


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