On Friday 25 May
Andrew & Carole Bramley teach the Intermediate class:
"Classic Giros from the Villa Urquiza Style: Enrosques y Adornos 'al Piso'."

Andrew & Carole Bramley

Based near Sheffield, Andrew and Carole teach and organise tango events for Los Amigos del Tango.  This is their first class at Carablanca and as an introduction I quote them directly.

"Andrew & Carole represent the pure Tango de Salón of Northern Buenos Aires. They regularly teach and perform throughout Europe at international events and in the leading Buenos Aires milongas such as Salón Canning, Porteño y Bailarin, Club Sin Rumbo and the world famous Sunderland Club in Villa Urquiza. Their dance remains true to the authentic barrio style passed on to them by their maestros and everything they teach is suitable for social dancing in the milonga."

Andrew has been DJ several times at Carablanca under his DJ name El Vinatero and he is DJ tonight.

The DJ is El Vinatero

El Vinatero regularly DJs in Buenos Aires.  The picture was taken at Sunderland milonga.  El Vinatero is on the right of the picture and his DJ mentor Mario Orlando, the Sunderland DJ is on the left.  He has worked throughout Europe in many milongas in Italy, France and Spain.


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