Special evening on Friday 25 November
First of three classes by Monica & Omar, los Ocampo
DJ from Vienna, Bernhard Gehberger


Monica & Omar, los Ocampo
teach the first of a set of three Intermediate classes
covering three rhythms.  This class is tango.

We welcome back Monica & Omar following their visit in summer.  They will be with us till the end of the year.  It is becoming a tradition that they teach the final classes of the year and teach and perform at our Xmas party.  This year the classes will cover tango, vals and chacarera.

DJ from Vienna, Bernhard Gehberger

[Photo of Brernhard]

Bernhard DJs throughout Europe in milongas, festivals and marathons.  Visit his web site to see his approach to DJing.  He has been DJ at Carablanca only once before, in March this year.  On that occasion the applause at the end of the evening was extraordinarily long and warm.  It has taken some time to arrange this second visit and we are pleased that it is possible at last.  On this visit to London Bernhard will DJ only at Carablanca.

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