On Friday 26 August
Antonio Martinez & Francesca Bertelli
teach the Intermediate class:
"creative dancing in a reduced space"
Performance at 10:45pm

Antonio is a milonguero from Buenos Aires.  He and his partner Francesca Bertelli are based in Tuscany where they "teach a tango that, although respectful of the milonguero tradition, incorporates innovative concepts giving both leader and follower a central role in the dance. Posture, walking, connection in the embrace and musicality are the pillars of their teaching."

The theme of the class in Spanish was "Mucho baile en poco espacio."  The class will show how to dance creatively in crowded spaces, with the music and respecting the other couples in the ronda.

The only videos I can find of Antonio and Francesca are either too dark to see or chop off the dancers' feet.  Instead, see Antonio dancing with Monica Paz to D'Arienzo: La Bruja.

[From Chris Jordan later: Antonio and Francesca dancing a brightened video, to Remembranza by Ricardo Malerba with singer Orlando Medina http://bit.ly/rpqozW.]

The DJ is Chris Jordan
[Music he played (new window)]


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