Special evening on Friday 26 October
Class by Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina
DJ from Rosario, "La Rubia"


Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina
teach the Intermediate class:
"Elements for the dance floor - musicality, embrace in traditional tango"

We were unable to host Andres & Celeste at Carablanca on their first visit to London and are pleased to be able to do so on this, their second visit.  Celeste has taught at Carablanca many times but we welcome Andres for the first time.

Photo: Max von Seibold

The DJ is "La Rubia"

Rubia is from Argentina's second tango capital, the port city of Rosario. She founded two milongas there, which have become an integral part of Rosario's tango scene.  From 2004 she has concentrated entirely on her work as a tango DJ.  Her DJing is traditional, with tandas and cortinas.

We have been fortunate to have Rubia DJ at Carablanca many times.  The photo above was taken when she was DJ at Carablanca this summer.

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