Friday 27 February
DJ from Dublin: Anthony Cronin
Dancing from 8pm to midnight

From Dublin, Anthony Cronin has been a tango DJ for 8 years.  Unusually, he was a DJ long before he discovered tango, DJing from 1989 for local radio and in nightclubs.  Now he DJs in milongas and tango festivals at home and abroad.  We are delighted to welcome him as DJ for the first time at Carablanca.

Anthony says: "My style of DJing is to always read the floor, itís mood and the dancers and keep them dancing. I play primarily from the 1930ís & 40ís with gentle dives into the wonderful Guarda Vieja of late 20ís and odd trips into the 50ís.  As a dancer first, I know that once I trust the DJ to be consistent my night is better and this is what I seek to give all dancers, comfort that the music will be danceable and flow."


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