Friday 27 January

Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba
Performance at 10:45pm

DJ from Kiev: Alejandro Sasha
Dancing from 8pm to midnight

[Photo of Diego & Graciela]

Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba

It is nearly 3 years since Diego & Graciela performed at Carablanca and it is a pleasure to welcome them back.  Diego and Graciela have been dancing salon tango together for 15 years.  Based in Buenos Aires, they are now regular visitors to Europe.

Video from their last performance at Carablanca: No te Apures, Carablanca

[Photo of Sasha]

DJ from Kiev: Alejandro Sasha

We welcome back Alejandro Sasha to DJ once more at Carablanca.

"Alejandro Sasha developed DJing superpowers in 1986 after being scratched by a radioactive record of Tanturi/Castillo's 'La Vida es Corta' in his native Kiev. He will play you his best traditional tandas with (iron) cortinas."

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