Friday 29 May
DJ from Buenos Aires: Diego Converti
Dancing from 8pm to midnight

Diego is well-known in London with his partner Graciela Gamba as a teacher and performer.  However, he has been a DJ for over a decade.  He started his career as a DJ in 2004 in Club Union, a milonga in the neighbourhood of Quilmes; and also in the milonga Martin Fierro in Avellaneda. He was then invited to DJ in milongas in the Capital Federal including Parakultural, Salon Canning, La Catedral, La Milonga de los Zucca, La Ideal.  Since he started travelling with Graciela he has DJed in Europe and Asia.

Diego's objective is to play the right music for the dancers at that moment.  He believes that each milonga and each night is unique.  He chooses the best songs to dance from the thirties to the fifties, with an occasional song from traditional orchestras of the present day.  We are delighted to welcome Diego to DJ for the first time at Carablanca.


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