On Friday 29 October Carlos & Rosa Perez
teach the Intermediate class
Performance at 10:30pm

Carlos & Rosa Perez are resident teachers at Sunderland club, centre of Villa Urquiza style in Buenos Aires.  Known as "Maestros de Maestros" they have taught many of the current generation of professional tango dancers and teachers.  Their practica at Sunderland club draws huge numbers of young pupils.

Carlos started dancing tango in 1953 at the age of 13 and began performing only two years later.  On marrying Rosa he retired from professional dancing for 30 years but he and Rosa continued to dance socially.  In 1994 he returned to tango professionally with Rosa and they have continued to teach and perform since then.

You can see a YouTube video of Carlos and Rosa dancing to Poema at their home base, Sunderland club.  But this alternative video shows how widely appreciated they are across different generations and movements in tango.  It shows them dancing at Villa Malcolm, home of the Tango Nuevo practica Tangocool: Poema.

The DJ is KG Lim


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