Extended Evening: 8pm to 2am
on Friday 2 December

Monica & Omar, los Ocampo
Performance at 11:30pm

DJ: Ewa Zbrzeska

[Photo of los Ocampo]

Monica & Omar, los Ocampo

We are delighted to welcome Monica & Omar back to Carablanca to perform at our Christmas Party.

Monica & Omar have been part of the tango scene in London for nearly two decades so most people know them well.  For those who don't, here is information from their web site:

"Los Ocampo are world renowned Tango dancers, choreographers and teachers; they are masters of Argentine folkloric dance; and they are frequent adjudicators at international competitions.  They have devised and performed in numerous Tango shows worldwide and regularly travel between Argentina, the USA, Europe and the Middle East, providing classes and performances as well as leading Tango Tours to beautiful parts of the world."

[Photo of Ewa]

DJ Ewa Zbrzeska

London based, originally from Poland, Ewa has been regularly DJing at various London venues (Corrientes, Pavadita, Etnia, Carablanca, Negracha & The Light).  She has been invited to play at events such as London Rivertango Festival and Spitalfields tango, as well as European events, inc Paris, Oslo, Warsaw, Łódź, Angoulême, Palermo, Geneva, Moscow, Barcelona & Sitges.  She plays traditional tango, with emphasis on creating different moods and musical textures to offer a variety of emotions to the dancers.


On entry you will receive a voucher for your free drink.
You can choose from our Bar Menu or Cocktail Menu.

Drivers, please note that our mixed drinks are automatically doubles.  If you want single measure please say so when you order your drink.  Also, the alcohol content of most cocktails is about the equivalent of a double measure of spirits.

Don't lose your drink
We provide small round mats for you to write your name on.  Place your drink on the mat and you can be sure which one is yours.


[Photo of empanadas]

On entry you will receive a voucher for your free empanada.  There is no need to order in advance.  These empanadas, sourced from Chango Empanadas, will be available continuously from the bar from 9.30pm.  There is a choice of beef, chicken, or vegetarian (mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil.)


Help yourself to cheese, bread, stollen, mince pie, fruit in the foyer.


Dancing: 8pm to 2am
Performance: 11:30pm



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