On Friday 2 July
Juan Manuel Acosta & Valeria Sol Alvarez
teach the Intermediate class with title: "Displacement in the salon"
Performance at 10:30pm

It is now a year since Juan Manuel and Valeria's last visit, so some of you will not know them.  They are superb performers, with a style recognisably their own.  They are also excellent teachers of salon tango, with a strong emphasis on walking and technique.  Here is an extract from their CV.

"Valeria and Juan Manuel danced in Tango X2, directed by Miguel Angel Zotto and in TangoKinesis directed by Ana Maria Stekelman.  Valeria and Juan Manuel have also danced in the most prestigious tango shows in Buenos Aires such as Seņor Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel and Tango Porteņo.  Currently they are dancing in the world renowned company Tango Pasion."

The DJ is Ewa Zbrzeska


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