Friday 30 January
DJ from Brussels: Jens-Ingo Brodesser
Dancing from 8pm to midnight

Jens-Ingo is in great demand, DJing extensively in festivals, marathons and milongas in Europe.  We are delighted to welcome him back to Carablanca following his first visit last summer.  On this visit to the UK Carablanca is the only London venue at which he will DJ.

This is his DJ statement, taken from his web site:

"During a DJ-set I select music from my collection which fits best for providing an interesting dancing experience. I try to catch the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and translate this feedback into the tanda. My tango collection is quite vast and in high resolution for best sound perception. I play mainly from the Guardia Nueva and Epoca de Oro repertoire but there are no limitations, everything is possible. If I feel that a newer song fits the moment and itís danceable I play it. In my opinion it is very important to provide a variation in musical style between the tandas and to develop a tanda flow for having an enjoyable milonga."

I recommend you visit Jens-Ingo's web site.


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