Special evening on Friday 4 March

Class and Performance by Ney Melo & Nicoletta Pregnolato
DJ from Vienna, Bernhard Gehberger



Photo shows Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt

Photo shows Nicoletta Pregnolato & Alberto Bersini

Class and Performance by Ney Melo & Nicoletta Pregnolato
On Friday 4 March Ney Melo & Nicoletta Pregnolato teach the Intermediate class titled: “Classic steps from the Buenos Aires milongas”

Performance at 10:45pm. 
Ney & Nicoletta have been invited to perform at the Florence Tango Festival but we will catch them before that, giving their first performance in London.

Ney is well known to Londoners from his visit at the end of last year.  This is Nicoletta's first visit so here is a short CV. 
Nicoletta Pregnolato is a two-time Italian Argentine Tango Champion, she placed second at the European Championship and was a finalist in the Argentine Tango Championships ("El Mundial") in Buenos Aires.  She has trained with the masters of the Villa Urquiza / salon style of tango.  Her school "TangoVivo" is based in Treviso, Italy.

See this video of Ney improvising to Carlos di Sarli: Ensuenos
and this one of Nicoletta dancing to Canaro: Poema


[Photo of Brernhard]

DJ from Vienna, Bernhard Gehberger

Bernhard DJs throughout Europe in milongas, festivals and marathons.  Visit his web site to see his approach to DJing.


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