Veronique Bouscasse & Marek Szotkowski

Class and Performance

On Friday 5 December Veronique and Marek teach the intermediate tango class entitled:
"Emphasis on calm & elegant variations for women."

At 10:30pm they give their only performance on this visit to London.


A night with Carlos Di Sarli and friends

For Friday 5 December DJ Fernando Moro has planned  'A night with Carlos Di Sarli and friends' , i.e. orchestras such as Miguel Calo, Lucio De Mare, Juan D'Arienzo, etc, all suited for salon dancing.

Fernando says: "Di Sarli stands out for his elegant style and great personality. His music changed the way tango was danced, making it more suitable for the salon. He remains one of the greatest conductors of all time. He is known as El Seņor del Tango (The Tango Lord.)"

The picture, from www.milonga.co.uk,  shows di Sarli's orchestra.  Di Sarli is wearing dark glasses.  Singer Alberto Podesta, wearing a dark suit, is next to him.

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