Friday 5 July
DJ from Dresden: Jörg Haubner
Special Evening - No Intermediate class
Dancing from 8pm to midnight

Jörg Haubner DJs widely in Europe at milongas, festivals and marathons.  This will be his first time DJing in the UK and on this visit he will DJ only at Carablanca.

Jörg's music is traditional, in tandas with cortinas.  However, there are no prepared tandas on his computer; he constructs every tanda at the time of playing.  His music is of the best sound quality he can get and the same is true of his sound equipment.  It is well worth visiting his web site to read more about his DJing.

On this occasion we have restructured the evening so that we have 4 continuous hours of Jörg's music. There is no Intermediate class, enabling the milonga to start at 8pm.


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