Special evening on Friday 7 September
Class by Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba
DJ from Heidelberg, Matthias Bellemann


Diego Converti & Graciela Gamba
teach the  Intermediate class:
"Steps for the milonga"

Following their first visit last year to Carablanca we are delighted to welcome back Diego & Graciela, this time for two successive weeks.  Diego and Graciela, both from Buenos Aires, have been dancing together for over 10 years.  They dance salon tango, Villa Urquiza style.  Based in Buenos Aires, where they teach and perform, they have also toured Europe and Asia.

The DJ is Matthias Bellemann

Matthias, from Heidelberg, regularly DJs in Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and is invited as guest DJ in traditional Buenos Aires milongas eg Porteño y Bailarín, La Baldosa.

I usually select parts of a CV but in this case I can do no better than to quote it in full.

"Matthias is a connoisseur and passionate collector of tango music, always hunting for the best quality sources available on this planet.  He uses studio-grade equipment to provide the dancers with the highest possible level of musical fidelity.  Matthias is regularly invited to DJ in the most prestigious milongas of Buenos Aires.  He pays special attention to the harmonic and energetic composition of the tandas and to the creation of a high level of dramatic composition and suspense during the night.  Selecting the masterpieces of tango history from the late ‘20s to the ‘50s, he likes to inspire and to challenge the dancers and to carry them through space and time."

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