On Friday 8 November
Verónica Vázquez & Alejandro Berón
teach the Intermediate class titled:
"Turns with sacadas"
Performance at 10:45pm

Verónica & Alejandro are making their second visit to Carablanca almost exactly a year since their first visit.  On that occasion they taught a class on walking, embrace, connection and afterwards showed what was taught by dancing simply, musically and delicately to D'Agostino.  It was a beautiful and captivating improvisation.  On this visit they will teach and perform.

Despite their youth they have over 25 years experience of tango between them.  In this video they dance a milonga at La Baldosa in Buenos Aires: Canaro - La Milonga de Mis Tiempos.

DJ: David Thomas

David DJs at his own milonga Tango Journey.  His music is traditional, in tandas with cortinas.  He studied DJing under Damian Boggio.  David structures his choice of music to ensure variety eg a sung tanda vs. instrumental, a rhythmic tanda vs. melodic.  On a larger scale, he plays the simpler music at the beginning of the milonga.  David is DJing at Carablanca for the first time.


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