On 9 January Joaquin Amenabar will teach the Intermediate class at 7:30pm on
Tango Musicality & Rhythm.
A little after 10pm he will play a 20 minute set of dance music on solo bandoneon.

The picture shows the Orquesta Tipica de la Guardia Vieja, of which Joaquin is Director and First Bandoneon.  Joaquin is the second bandoneon player from the right.

Joaquin's class on Tango Musicality and Rhythm is for dancers, not musicians.  So it is open to all.  It is a practical class and you will be dancing for most of the time.

The DJ is Fernando Moro.

Note that, though there is live music from Joaquin, normal prices apply on this evening.


Joaquin has produced a DVD and book set on Tango Music for Tango Dancers as described in the flyer above.  The UK launch is at Carablanca on 9 January and at Tango en el Cielo, where Joaquin is teaching workshops on 10, 11 January.  The DVD and book set is priced at 33.

Page updated 15 Jan 09