On Friday 9 July
Laura & Jill
teach the Intermediate class with title:
 "Tango Milonguero: the music within the embrace"

A milonguera from Buenos Aires, Laura has been dancing in the milongas most nights for around 25 years! She used to run the famous milonga Caribean in Central BsAs. She teaches tango milonguero in BsAs, and continues to learn from the best of the traditional milongueros who have been dancing 50+ years.

Laura wrote as follows about milonguero style:

In its long history, tango dancing took on different styles. Today, two distinctive styles can be recognised: "tango espectaculo" (show tango) and "tango de salon" (dancefloor tango).

The typical way of dancing tango show is very different from dancefloor tango, as much as the purpose of the respective dance styles. Whereas the former seeks to fascinate the viewer, the latter instead just seeks to make dancers at the milonga feel the pleasure of dancing in itself.

Laura is a milonguera and teacher of tango de salon - she is not into show tango - and seeks to convey a sense of tango as it was danced in the milongas in downtown Buenos Aires during the golden years of tango dance, between 1935 and 1955 roughly.

Her style is to dance in a close and continuous embrace. A few dance steps executed with clear musicality. Strong emphasis on rhythm. Not many movements through the dancefloor and a lot of body contact between the partners, who will seek a way to become one single body. Elegance and rhythms ("La elegancia y el compas") prevail over flamboyant steps which are hard to do.

The DJ is Chris Jordan


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