Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne visit to London

Gustavo and Giselle will visit London 19-23 December 2007.


Briefly, the timetable is:
19 Dec: Exhibition for Zero Hour at The Dome
20-23 Dec: Special Seminar
21 Dec: Open class and exhibition for 'Tango - The Argentino Way' at The London Welsh Centre
22 Dec: Exhibition for El Once at The Crypt.

Special Seminar

Gustavo & Giselle’s web site (opens a new window) explains why they prefer to teach seminars and describes them in detail.  Gustavo & Giselle have taught in this way for the past four years.  Their seminars in Buenos Aires have been a huge success and are always sold out.  This year, for the first time, they are teaching seminars in Europe; one in Sicily, one in Basel and this one in London.

For this visit to London Gustavo & Giselle have designed a special seminar.  It differs from other seminars in that:
- it consists of 4 days of classes, not 5
- you may take part of the seminar
- there are no certificates of attendance.
In all other respects, the information about seminars on Gustavo & Giselle’s web site applies.  In particular, you need to have a partner and the number of couples is limited to 25.

Ideally, you should take the whole seminar.  All previous seminars have been planned on this basis.  However, Gustavo & Giselle recognise that Christmas commitments may prevent some people from doing so and have designed this special seminar so that it is possible to take the first half or second half or even just one day.



Thursday 20th

Friday 21st

Saturday 22nd

Sunday 23rd


25 min



10 min






20 min






5 min



1 hour

Turns: “Caminados & Planeados”

Changes of Turn Direction: crosses


“Boleos Cortos”


1 hour

“Sacadas” Man & Woman I

Taking & Passing

“4th Sacada”

Changes of Turn Direction: Open steps


 2 hours



1 hour


“Colgadas Simples”

“Tango Milonguero:

Ritmo y Fraseo”

“Colgadas con Rebotes”


1 hour



“Tango Milonguero:

Ritmo y Fraseo”



1 hour



The level of the seminar is high.  Gustavo & Giselle's web site (opens a new window) explains this in detail but I think it useful to quote the following extract:

"We also believe it is very important to state that we will continue with the pre-planned curriculum regardless of the general level of dance in the group.  If some of the dancers have trouble with some aspects of the program, we will try to provide individual aid.   However, we will not lower the level of difficulty of the program for the other dancers, nor will we be able to slow down the program as designed."


The seminar will be in the main hall of the London Welsh Centre.


£100 for 1 day
£175 for 2 days
£250 for 3 days
£300 for the whole seminar.

Prices are per person.

In the case where someone has more than one partner during the seminar it is the longest booking which determines prices.  For example, if A takes the whole seminar with partner B for the first 2 days and partner C for the last 2 days then A pays £300 and Band C each pay £150 (not £175.)

You may also pay in Euro as follows.

Euro 145 for 1 day
Euro 255 for 2 days
Euro 360 for 3 days
Euro 430 for the whole seminar.

See also A note on prices below.


If you are paying in £ from a UK bank account then you can pay by cheque payable to
Mr Daniel J Evans.  The cheque should not be post-dated.  My address is:
Flat 4,
67 Bromfelde Road

If you prefer you can also pay over the internet to:

Bank Removed
Account Name Removed
Account Number Removed
SORT code Removed
Identifier SSDEC07yoursurnameyourfirstname

The identifier will help me determine who has made the payment.  If your name is Gordon Brown then the identifier will be SSDEC07BROWNGORDON.  I realise that each bank has its own system for payment identification.  If your bank will not permit such a long identifier then just truncate it.

If you don't have a UK bank account then you should pay in Euro.  Gustavo & Giselle have agreed to accept these payments directly into their account.  They do not give account information on their web site so I will not give it here.  If you are paying in Euro then I will email the account details to you when I receive your booking.  Please note that both the sending and receiving bank may make transfer charges.  If you are outside the Euro area there will also be a currency conversion charge.  You must pay all of these charges to ensure that the correct amount is received.

Booking procedure

The procedure is as follows.

[Please note that the seminar is now full and anyone making a booking will be placed on the waiting list.  As at 20 December the position is:
20 Dec - 1 couple waiting
21 Dec - 2 couples waiting
22 Dec - 3 couples waiting
23 Dec - 2 couples waiting.]

1. Email danny@tangotheargentinoway.co.uk giving:
- your name and your partner's name
- the dates you wish to book
- the email address of each person responsible for payment
- whether payment will be in £ or Euro.
There is no need for your partner to email me.

2. I will email you back confirming the amount to be paid.  If you are paying in Euro I will give payment information.  At this point your place will be reserved for 7 days if you are paying in £ and 14 days if you are paying in Euro.  If full payment is not received received within that period the reservation may lapse, though you will receive an enquiry from me before it does.

3. On receipt of each payment I will email the payer confirming receipt.

4. When full payment has been received I will email you confirming that the booking is firm.  Please would you let your partner know the booking is firm.


The Bonnington Hotel , Hotel Russell and Grange Holborn (opens a new window) are all within easy walking distance of the London Welsh Centre.  They are in Central London, defined as the area enclosed by the main line railway stations; and they are outside but close to the busy West End and shopping areas.  The Bonnington is a modernised Edwardian hotel, whereas Hotel Russell is a modernised Victorian hotel.  Both have given good service in the past, but that was several years ago.  The Grange Holborn is a new hotel.  There are many other hotels in the area, but I have no experience of them.

I was refused a discount for people coming to the seminar as the hotels are confident of being full over the Christmas period.  However, in my search for accommodation for Gustavo & Giselle I noticed that prices sometimes vary during that period with the peak price on 22 December.  So it may pay to shop around a little.  If you are looking further the site lastminute.com (opens a new window) is useful.

Find a partner

If you are looking for a partner for the seminar then you can use this list.  It works in the same way as the list on Gustavo & Giselle's web site.  To place yourself on the list, email me your details.  I will then add you to the list.  That is the end of my involvement till you ask to be removed from the list.  You contact someone on the list directly by email.


Name Country Email Leader/
Brief details



Name Country Email Leader/
Brief details

A note on prices

Prices are higher than for seminars in Buenos Aires because of the need to pay the organiser's costs.  These include travelling and accommodation costs for 5 people (as Gustavo & Giselle are travelling with their children) and studio costs.

The seminar in Basel in November costs Euro 550 and can be compared directly with the Euro 300 cost in Buenos Aires.  There is no direct comparison with Buenos Aires for the London seminar as that is a special seminar.  But the 5 days of classes seminar for Euro 550 in Basel is at almost exactly the same daily rate as the 4 days of classes seminar for Euro 430 in London.

Of course, you can take a seminar more cheaply in Buenos Aires (but not this one.)  However, many people can never go there.  And those who do go to Buenos Aires may wish to spend their time there doing things which they cannot do at home.

Further information

If you wish to register interest, please email danny@tangotheargentinoway.co.uk with “Gustavo & Giselle information” in the subject line.  If you have registered interest or made a booking you will receive an email when there is a significant update to this page.

Gustavo &
21 Dec

Advice for Visitors to London

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