Lost Property

Carablanca's lost property is placed in a container which is on display just outside the main hall during our Friday dance evenings.  The container is stored under the stage of the main hall during the week, so normally you cannot access it then.  If you do need to recover your lost property outside Carablanca's hours please contact Danny Evans to make arrangements.

If you lose something and we don't find it, or it is outside the main hall and could have been lost by someone attending an event other than Carablanca, then it may go into Conway Hall's lost property.  As Conway Hall lets rooms every day of the week they accumulate much more lost property than we do.  You can phone Conway Hall on 020 7242 8032 or 020 7405 1818.

Carablanca's lost property is listed here, most recent first.  We hope this helps you find your lost property.  Because of space considerations, when something has been held for 8 weeks it may be disposed of.

18 Jan 19

Glasses with black and brown plastic frame.  No case.  Calvin Klein Jeans label.

Metal water bottle.  Copper colour.  Chilly's label.

Cloth make-up bag and contents.  Blue with butterfly decorations.

11 Jan 19

Grey-brown cloth shoe bag.  No label.

black and blue wood and cloth fan.  Duvelleroy label.

7 Dec 18


30 Nov 18

Glasses with brown plastic frame.  No case.  Armani label.

Glasses with brown plastic frame.  No case.  Specsavers label.

23 Nov 18

Black belt for body support.

16 Nov 18


2 Nov 18


26 Oct 18

Grey woollen peaked cap with brown lining.  Size Large.  Shetland Moon label.

Hair grip with imitation jewell.

19 Oct 18

Pair of black cloth shoes.  Size 8.5.  Nike label.

12 Oct 18

Pair of ladies' black leather boots.  Size 4.  Clarks label.

5 Oct 18

Blue plastic water bottle with green top.  Sistema label.

Pair of heels for ladies' dance shoes.

28 Sep 18

Wooden fan with orange cloth.  Engraved "Vilnius Lithuania Milonguero Summer 2017."  Name Samuele written on cloth.

21 Sep 18

Black shoe bag.  Reiss label.

Black fan with tassle.  Butterfly and flower decoration.

14 Sep 18

Black shirt.  16" collar.  Cedarwood State label.

7 Sep 18

Blue/purple/white cloth make-up bag with zip.  Estée Lauder label.

31 Aug 18

Nokia mobile phone.

20 Jul 18

Lime green shoe bag.  Tangolera label.

Purple fan with Barcelona written on the sides.

Wooden fan with green cloth.

13 Jul 18

Credit card.

6 Jul 18

Pair of sunglasses.  Black frame with UPS logo.  No glasses case.

Page updated 23 Jan 19