Lost Property

Lost property is placed in a container which is on display just outside the main hall during our Friday dance evenings.  The container is stored under the stage of the main hall during the week.  (If you lose something and we don't find it then it may go into Conway Hall's lost property.  As Conway Hall lets halls every day of the week they accumulate much more lost property than we do.  You can phone Conway Hall on 020 7242 8032 or 020 7405 1818.)

Lost property is listed here, most recent first.  We hope this helps you find your lost property.  Because of space considerations, when something has been held for 8 weeks it may be disposed of.

5 Jan 18

Man's grey jacket.

Man's brown shoes in plastic M&S bag.  Size 7.  Debenham's label.

5 Jan 18 or earlier

Mauve t-shirt.  Size Large.

Green shoe bag.  La Tanguera label.

Woollen ring for gripping hair.

1 Dec 17

Man's black suede Regina dance shoes in black Regina shoe bag.

24 Nov 17


17 Nov 17

Round black hat.

3 Nov 17


27 Oct 17


20 Oct 17

White phone charger.

Small metal bracelet.  Or maybe large ear ring.

13 Oct 17

Black top with polo neck and front zip.  Size M.  Hugo Boss label

6 Oct 17

Framed painting in shopping bag with FURLA label.

Black phone.  Moto label.

Black woollen shawl.

White top with black pattern and black buttons.  Size S.

Black wooden fan with cloth edge.

Page updated 10 Jan 18