Recent Beginners Course

This course is designed for those wanting to improve their tango skills once they have completed the Beginners tango course.  Though it is a progressive course you may join at any time.  You don't need to book in advance, just pay for each class when you take it.  For improved results, it’s best not to miss a class.  You don't need a partner.


Marek Szotkowski and Ewa Zbrzeska together with their close colleagues Alberto Ortiz and Asta Morozoviene teach the Beginners and Recent Beginners courses.


If you take a Recent Beginners class, you will gain free entry to the Beginners class that follows provided there is space and the numbers of leaders and followers are balanced.  You also have free entry to the milonga.  You benefit by revising what you learned in the Beginners tango course and you help the tango community by encouraging the newcomers to improve faster.

Course content

We will start to develop and explore more complex step combinations whilst continuing to revise the basic principles of tango.  Posture, elegance, quality of movement, connection for leading and following, improvisation, musicality, and floor craft will be highlighted.

When, where, price

Recent Beginners tango classes are held at Conway Hall in the Bertrand Russell room.  When the larger Brockway room is available we move the classes there.  See how to find us.  Each class is from 7:30 to 8:30pm and costs £12 per person.  It may seem odd to hold the Recent Beginners class before the Beginners class; however, doing so gives Recent Beginners the option of more time to become comfortable at the milonga.

Please note that we do not run these courses in the holiday months of July, August and December.

Page updated 26 Jun 18