You can reserve seats or a table at the milonga so that you can be with your friends.  However, no more than half of the table seats can be reserved.  Also, the bench seats and chairs around the edge of the hall are all unreserved.  This page helps you make a reservation.

Table plan

The tables are numbered 1 to 11 and the number is displayed on each table.  Tables 1-8 seat 4 people and tables 9-11 seat 5.  Only tables 1-4, 6-8 may be reserved.

Special table

Table 5 is always reserved by Carablanca.  People may sit there provided that they are willing to move if special guests arrive.

Making a reservation

You may reserve 2 or 3 seats or a whole table.  If your party is larger than 4 people a single table is usually sufficient.  You can use it as a base as most of the time some of your party will be elsewhere eg on the dance floor.  Exceptionally, you can reserve two tables.

You may reserve as many days (or even weeks) in advance as you wish.  However, if you are reserving on the day you need to do so before 4pm.

To make a reservation email "danny AT carablanca DOT co DOT uk" saying:
- your name
- how many seats you need
- what table number you prefer.

If you wish you may reserve by Facebook instead of email.  But in that case you need to do so a day in advance at the latest.

Taking your seats

Your table will have a Reserved sign on it and your name.

You should ensure that at least one of your party arrives before the first hour of the milonga has passed; otherwise you may lose your reservation.

If your seats are occupied by others then politely point out the Reserved sign.  If this doesn't work please see Danny or Diana.

Page updated 1 Aug 13