Carablanca - A User Guide

The hall is large enough for a layout which protects the dance floor. This guide explains the layout and how to use it.

The dance floor is defined by the red tables. The area in grey behind the tables forms a walkway which connects all parts of the room. Entry to the dance floor is at the corners---see the green arrows.

Please don't move tables as these define the dance floor. Also, please don't move chairs as doing so may block the walkway or the entry points to the dance floor.

Moving about

You can reach any point in the room by the walkway. Please don't walk along the edge of the dance floor.


Moving through the walkway can be useful for cabeceo. Cabeceo is also possible across the dance floor at the start of a tanda. So even if you decide to dance another tanda with the same partner please clear the floor at the cortina. That way you won't block lines of sight across the dance floor.

Entering the dance floor

Once the tanda has begun the dancers in the ronda have priority. Please don't infiltrate the dance floor from between tables as this is disturbing for dancers already on the floor. Instead, enter at a corner as a couple. It's the leader's responsibility to get permission to enter by catching the eye of the leader he wants to enter in front of. When the floor is busy it may be necessary to wait a while and there may be a queue to enter.

The ronda

The dance floor is easily large enough for two lanes. If you are in the inner lane please try to keep it well-defined. If you succeed then it may be possible to have a third lane.

Page updated 18 Mar 14